Research + Papers


Interrupting invisibility in a global world (Dialogues) for ACM Interactions Magazine, offering a critique of the aestheticization of (in)visibility as a trope and its utility for global South researchers

An essay titled ‘Mutual Aid Stations’ drawing attention to alternate forms of organization and solidarity among gig workers in the global South (Logic Magazine)

“This Seems to Work”: Designing Technological Systems with The Algorithmic Imaginations of Those Who Labor (CHI Workshop) 

I have also started hosting podcasting interviews for the New Books Network (Communication, Science Studies, South Asia Studies) 


12. HISAAB KITAAB IN BIG DATA: FINDING RELIEF FROM CALCULATIVE LOGICS (Chapter) in ‘Lives of Data: Essays on Computational Cultures from India’ (Institute of Network Cultures)

Co-authored paper titled ‘The Law in Computation: What Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data Mean for Law and Society Scholarship’ for Law and Policy Journal

‘What I am Reading’ (focus on ontological difference, pluriversality) for ACM Interactions Magazine


A response essay titled ‘An Agenda for Decolonizing Data Science’ for the special issue of Spheres Journal for Digital Cultures on ‘Spectres of AI’

Thematic report/essay on ‘Automating Informality: AI and labour in the global South’ for the GISWatch 2019 report

CSCW ’19 paper (“Making a Pro”: ‘professionalism’ after platforms in beauty-work)

Edited/Contributed to a blog post series on ‘Gig-economy in India’


“They are like personalized mini-Googles”: Seeking Information on Facebook Groups  (HICSS)


Standing out from the crowd: Emotional Labor, Body Labor and Temporal Labor in Ridesharing (CSCW ’16)


The Encyclopedia Must Fail! – notes of queering Wikipedia (Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media and Technology) (Based on my experiences with /doing/ diversity based resource allocation, training and interventions in the Wikimedia Community in India)

Public writing:

  • ‘Infusing Care in the Gig Economy’ – A reflective essay on researching the gig economy in the global South for the Next Billion Users series on The Hard Copy magazine
  • Recent article on playing PokemonGo in Bangalore, India
  • Articles for ‘In PlainSpeak’, a feminist e-magazine published by TARSHI (Talking About Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues), a non-profit based out of Delhi, India. I firmly believe in /doing/+/feminisms/ and find semi-autobiographical accounts as a productive way to reflect upon feministing in daily life.
  • Blog posts on contemporary+technology for The Indian Express, a leading English daily news publication in India. Here, I discuss privacy, big data, care, labor – all in the context of technology usage.
  • I started a Facebook group in 2011 (ish) and continue to co-manage what has now grown to a community of 100,000 people called ‘Put Me In Touch’ (PMIT). In the absence of information and resource crowdsourcing platforms (or listing websites) such as Craigslist, Facebook has evolved to become a popular medium in India for producing hyperlocal community knowledge. PMIT went viral as an idea and has been further replicated in the form of 35+ city oriented groups. It has received extensive news coverage over the years and I briefly worked with the folks at Xerox Research Center, India to understand the phenomenon.
  • Once upon a time I used to spend nights editing Wikipedia to insert non-scientific/non-Western/historical/military knowledge into the encyclopedia. I don’t find much time now but you can say hello here.