Teaching & Projects


  • ICS 05 – Global Disruption and Information Technology (w/Prof. Bonnie Nardi) Spring 2016
  • INF161 – Social analysis of computerization (w/Prof. Darren Denenberg) Fall 2015
  • I&CS 04 – Human factors for the Web (w/Oliver L. Haimson) Winter 2016
  • I&CS 60 – Video games and Society (w/Prof Rebecca Black)


Oral Histories of South Asian Immigrant entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley

This project is in a nascent stage and currently I am in the process of reading up, tracking existing archives and getting acquainted with Oral Histories as a method. Some of the things I am reading are listed at southasia.space. Interviews will follow. The aim of this project is to frame the ethnic, organizational and other strategies deployed by first generation South Asian migrants in the Silicon Valley to build a “community of practice” that has subsequently supported and fostered the growth of South Asians in the United States, especially in S&E.